ESE 2022 General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Previous Year Solved Papers – ACE ACADEMY


Since the UPSC has changed the pattern of examination effective from 2017, aspiring candidates have been investing more time and effort to find a single point source for strategic preparation in Engineering aptitude paper which can decide who makes it to further rounds of tests in ESE. This paper can work as filter to make it to the next round apart from contributing to one’s overall rank and merit. However, candidates were handicapped by non-availability of such a source of material for effective preparation in this part of ESE. ACE Engineering Academy, the leader and pioneer in contributing to the success of students, very well understands its responsibility and commitment to the aspirants and has come out with this book in the form of a centralized source and repository for focused and improved approach to the preparation for ESE . Candidates would find it highly useful in giving them proper direction in preparing for ESE in a more effective manner and saves a lot of search time for resources. Question that appeared 2017, 2018 and 2019 requirement examinations in ESE are collected subject – wise, compiled and solved with detailed examination for the benefit of the reader. Five Model papers are also included for better Practice.

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