Why students fail in GATE exam even if they work hard?

Apart from studies, test series and hours of preparation, there is something which we all ignore. Here is a story to understand it.

A Real Story

There was a guy who admired an athlete. The athlete was a champion of the 400m race. He had the world record. The guy wanted to be crack his record. He wanted to be like the athlete.

One day, he met the athlete and asked him, what should he do to crack the 400m record. The athlete gave him, all the tips and routine details, which he had followed. The guy got motivated and started his preparation.

Every day, he used to practice for hours, used to take proper diet, used to exercise a lot. He had been followed this routine for one year. But even after that, he didn’t come even close to the athlete’s record. He thought he should give one more year. He did but nothing happened. He was still way behind from the athlete’s record.

He walked up to the athlete and told him that he did exactly what was needed, but even after that, he didn’t crack the record. The athlete told him to meet the next day in the training ground.

The next day, both met. The athlete asked him to run on this 400m track, and he would track the time. The guy ran. Once he finished the track, he asked the athlete about the time, he took. The athlete told him to run again. He got confused but he ran again. After finishing the track, he got tired and he lied down.

The athlete walked up to him and said: “You didn’t finish the track in required time in both turns.

The Guy asked: “why did you tell me to run again if I failed in the first attempt.

The athlete replied: “The time you took to cover the 400m was more than the world record, but the time you took to cross the 200m was a world record. I asked you to run again because I could not even believe it. Even in the next turn, You cracked the 200m record.

The Guy asked: “So what, I failed in cracking the 400m record.

The athlete replied: “You failed because that’s not your finish line. Your finish line is 200m, not 400m. You are failing because you are running for a wrong finish line, If it is 200m, You have already made it. No need to be like me at all, because If You can’t beat me in 400m, I can’t beat you in 200m. So prepare for your finish line, not mine.

The guy understood the problem. Did you get it?

If not, don’t worry. Let me conclude…(This part is for those, who have prepared or are preparing for this exam, just by seeing other’s success.)

You can fail in GATE, even after covering everything, working so hard. It’s a fact because It’s a 3-hour game. You never know, what’s gonna happen on that day. Despite this fact, You try. You give years and years to crack this Exam. And why? because You have seen other people cracking GATE and becoming successful in life. You want all that success and you think that GATE is the gate to success. Because of this, You can’t see the opportunities around. You can get success from other ways too, but for You, GATE the finish line. It is possible that you have already made it in other ways, but you can’t feel it, because you are running for a wrong finish line.

And another truth is, Nobody is gonna come and tell you, what’s your finish line. It’s you who has to figure it out.

You can keep on preparing for 400m, Or be the champion of 200m.

P.S.: This Story is applicable to every dream you have. Think about it.




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