Topper Interview ISRO 2017 Rahul Kumar (AIR 02)

In this article we are sharing ISRO Scientist/Engineers ‘SC’ post topper Rahul Kumar (Mechanical Engineering) interview. Rahul kumar secured AIR 02 in ISRO 2017 in Mechanical Engineering Branch. Rahul Kumar is sharing his ISRO interview experience with panel in this post.

There were 9-10 members in the panel including one woman.
I was probably the fifth or sixth one to be interviewed at New Delhi Dwarka….

Chairman (Presumed member at the Centre) – Tell me something about yourself? (said for few minutes)

P2- What are your favorite subjects? (They noted down) 1. SOM 2.HMT 3. FM 4.TD 5.TOM

P2- (Starting with FM) – If a nozzle is projected upwards with water flowing with certain flow rate then in how many ways can you find the diameter of the jet of water at a certain height from the nozzle exit?(Answered)

P2-How can you estimate the head loss in a pipe in practical applications if flow parameters are known (they wanted to know how will I calculate friction factor without empirical relation) (Moody’s chart)

P2- What are the X and Y coordinates of Moody’s Chart? (Answered)

P2-What are the limitations of Moody’s Chart? (Answered)

P2- Go to the board and draw a sample of moody’s chart. (Did)

P2-Very Good (Man me ladoo foota)

P3- What is heat is layman terms?(Answered)

P3- Write on the board the three dimensional transient heat transfer equation in spherical coordinates?( I wrote down)

P3- Explain the difference between the cylindrical and spherical coordinate system?(explained by drawing the coordinates)

P3- How are Interstitial free carbon steels made (IF steel) in practical cases? (A question appeared I written test) (Answered).(there was no link of this question with previous one)

P3- (Smiled)- What are the types of cooling curves?(Answered Roughly)

P3- Draw a cooling curve when milk at 80 degrees is kept in a refrigerator at -2 degree? (Drawn)

P3- What will be the difference in curve if water is at 120 degrees and allowed to cool in a refrigerator at zero degree?(Stated all the assumptions and drawn)

P3- (A case Study) If you are only engineer in your village and somebody dies in your neighborhood at night time and people come to know at day time when they wake up. They requested you as an only engineer to calculate the rough time estimate when the person died with only thermometer available in village how will you do? (Thought a bit and replied) (Hint-lumped mass analysis and calculation of time with fall in temperature of the body with respect to normal body temperature)

P3- Derive the relevant equation you used and its various assumptions? (Done)

P3- Draw the P-T curve for water and label the curve and mark the important points.

Madam- Okay Rahul Do you know What ISRO does? (I was not at all prepared for this didn’t visit the website) (Confidently- Mam ISRO doesn’t need any recognition regarding the work areas and the project it undertakes as every engineers dreams to be at this place.(FENK DIYA AS I ONLY KNEW A BIT ON MARS MISSION NOTHING ELSE)

Madam (smiled)- What is the difference in mechanism of PSLV and GSLV? (I was screwed. “Mam I only know the full form not the technicalities of it.)

Madam-(smiled in a mocking way) Okay Rahul Thank you. It was Nice interviewing You.

I came out and felt ashamed about the last answer I gave I didn’t prepare a single day for the interview. Neither did I visit the website of ISRO and its current activities. The preparation of ESE interview helped me to answer the technical questions well. I thought “MADAM NAKHUSH THI NAI HOGA MERA AB BEKAR TRAIN ME LATAK KAR ITNA DOOR AAYE INTERVIEW DENE”. My morale was down really.

But to my utter amazement Rajat (Rank-1) messaged me congrats. And then I saw my Result I was placed in panel position-2 after Rajat. I was happy to get selected in prestigious organization.

I have not given the detailed answer as it was analytical in nature So its humble request to you all to read standard books and frame good answers. For ISRO HMT FM and thermo are important subjects to cover.

NOTE-Always go through the website and activities undertaken by the organisation for which you are going for interview.

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