Time Management- Two/Three Months Before ESE/GATE Exam?

In Final two months for any exams like ESE / GATE , our 80 % of the time should be given for revision only. Because to get good rank in exam it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have. What matters the most is how you perform on the examination day . For that revision is absolutely necessary. While we are studying in class we feel as if we are getting everything but usually we forget same concept after 15 to 20 days.

  1. So make proper revision plan. Atleast 7 hours per day should be given to revision.
  2. Try to avoid social media like Facebook, Instagram for this period. It save lot of time which you can utilize for preparation purpose.
  3. If you are mentally strong and tough. You can stay alone and prepare but if you feel low or feel exam pressure. Then it is always advisable to discuss things with your friends. Try to avoid complete isolation. Complete isolation also increases exam pressure . When you have any issue discuss with your friends. It reduces stress level.
  4. Since you will be studying for 10 hours a day. You will have some mental stress. Tackle with this stress level very carefully. To reduce stress level you can do meditation or listen music which you like or do walk or have discussions with your friends or do Bhajan.
  5. Read new things if you feel necessary. But more 2 to 3 hours should not be spent on learning new things . And in 20 days focus only on revision and completely avoid reading new things.
  6. Try to avoid meeting people with negative thoughts and opinions like ES BAR TO NAHI HO PAYEGA AGLI BAAR DAIKHAINGAI. or GATE / ESE TO PAHLI BAAR KISI KA NAHI NIKALTA or blah blah blah…
  7. Try to attempt test series in this period to analyze your accuracy and speed.
  8. Keep on revising things again and again. So that you remember all the formulas and concepts on the examination day, revise full syllabus in last three days.
  9. Last but not least have faith in yourself that you can do it

All the best


Jitender Singh Gill


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