[PDF] SOM- Mechanics of Materials – B.C. Punmia

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About the Book

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Mechanical Properties of materials
  • Chapter 2. Simple stresses and strains
  • Chapter 3. Elastic constants
  • Chapter 4. Analysis of stress: principal stresses
  • Chapter 5. Analysis of strain: principal strains
  • Chapter 6. Strain energy, resilience and impact loading
  • Chapter 7. Theories of elastic failure
  • Chapter 8. Centroids and moments of inertia of plane areas
  • Chapter 9. Shear force and bending moment
  • Chapter 10. Bending stresses in be a MS
  • Chapter 11. Shearing stresses in be a MS
  • Chapter 12. Deflection of beams: I double integration method
  • Chapter 13. Deflection of beams: II area moment method
  • Chapter 14. Deflection of beams: III Conjugate beam method
  • Chapter 15. Deflection of beams: IV strain energy method
  • Chapter 16. Fixed be a MS
  • Chapter 17. Continuous be a MS
  • Chapter 18. Combined direct and bending stresses
  • Chapter 19. Masonry structures (retaining walls, dams and chimneys)
  • Chapter 20. Columns
  • Chapter 21. Torsion of shafts
  • Chapter 22. Springs
  • Chapter 23. Thin cylinders and spheres
  • Chapter 24. Thick cylinders and spheres
  • Chapter 25. Analysis of perfect frames
  • Chapter 26. Riveted connections
  • Chapter 27. Welded connections subject index.

[PDF] SOM- Mechanics of Materials – B.C. Punmia

ISBN-10 8131806464
ISBN-13 978-8131806463
Publisher Laxmi Publications
Author B.C. Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun Kumar Jain
Book Type Textbook
About Publisher Laxmi Publications
Publishing Year [2020]
Shelf Category Higher Education
Pages 952
Binding Paperback
Language English
Edition [2020]
Exam Competitive Exams 


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