[PDF] Engineering Fluid Mechanics – KL Kumar

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About the Books

In its 39th year of Publishing, Engineering Fluid Mechanics continues to evolve with the times. Pedagogically sound, the book delves into important concepts such as Fluid Statics, Kinematics and Dynamics. From concepts which as are early as Bernoulli equation (17th century) till today, the book encompasses the chief concepts of the subject with solved examples so that the reader does not miss on any knowledge that is required.

Key Features

1. A unique “Zero Chapter” with a visual focus along with Learning Objectives in Engineering Fluid Mechanics eases the student into the subject.

2. Seven Appendixes (including Review of Vector Operations and Properties of Liquids, Gases and Vapours) add to the understanding of students.

3. 550+ Tables, Figures and Examples along with almost 450 questions help the text by aiding the understanding of concepts and providing rigorous practice.


1. Introduction Concepts

2. Fluid Statics

3. Fluid Kinematics

4. Fluid Dynamics

5. Flow Measurement

6. Ideal Fluid Flow

7. Laminar Flow

8. Boundary Layer Flow

9. Flow around Immersed Bodies

10. Flow through Pipes

11. Flow through Open Channels

12. Compressible Flow

13. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude

14. Fluid Machines

Appendix 1: Review of SI Units

Appendix 2: Review of Vector Operations

Appendix 3: Plane Geometrical Figures

Appendix 4: International Standard Atmosphere

Appendix 5: Properties of Liquids

Appendix 6: Properties of Vapours and Gases

Appendix 7: Basic Properties of Air and Water

[PDF] Engineering Fluid Mechanics – KL Kumar

ISBN-10 9788121901000
ISBN-13 978-8121901000
Publisher S Chand
Author KL Kumar
Book Type Textbook
About Publisher S Chand
Publishing Year [2020]
Shelf Category Higher Education
Pages 631
Binding Paperback
Language English
Edition [2020]
Exam Competitive Exams 


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