[PDF] Basics of Energy & Environment – IES Master

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About the Book

General Studies (GS) carries significant weightage during the preparation for ESE. It cannot be left for last minute preparation. Ies Master books on General Studies are tailored to the psyche of engineering students aspiring for the UPSC ESE Prelims exam. The revised and updated edition of basics of energy & environment builds upon your understanding of the complexities in addressing environmental issues, bit-by-bit, through detailed diagrams, natural cycles, analysis, linkages, and statistics. Starting with the basic definitions of the fundamental units of the environment, The book builds upon the complex web of ecosystem and Ecology. Further, it goes on to map the ecological depletion, change in climate, and its impact on the various environmental processes. Basing on the belief that illustrations speak louder than words, and figurines communicate faster than complex wordy pages, the IES Master books comes crisp, compact and exact, accompanied by a myriad of illustrations. The book basics of energy & environment structures the concepts in a broader perspective keeping in mind the applied knowledge required for top engineering professionals, along with 250 plus objective questions for self practice. Ies Master Publication makes sure that all its books are fully revised and updated annually so that every year students get the best ESE reference books.

Basics of Energy & Environment – IES Master

ISBN-10 9388080793
ISBN-13 978-9388080798
Publisher IES Master
Author IES Master
Book Type Textbook
About Publisher IES Master
Publishing Year 2021
Shelf Category Higher Education
Pages 208
Binding Paperback
Language English
Edition 2021
Exam Competitive Exams 


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