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Welcome to “ – No. 01 Website For Self Preparation,motivation and guidance” ,  students who are appearing for GATE 2021 this year have some questions before preparation like – 

“How To Prepare For GATE 2021 To Get Under 100 Rank? “

“How Mechanical Engineering Topper Prepare To Get AIR 01? “

“How Much Hour Should I Read To Get Good Rank In GATE 2021? “

“I am Preparing At Home, Is It Possible To Secure Rank 01? “

Today our mechanical engineering team expert panel is going to solve your query and will give you best guidance to score good marks in GATE exam and to get reputed job in top PSUs or to pursue higher studies in M.Tech or M.S.

1. Daily How Much Hour Should I study To Get Top Rank In GATE exam?

Well this is the most asked question by our readers that how much hour should they study to get top rank, some students told they read 10-16 hour daily and don’t get good rank in GATE exam and some say they only give 4-5 hours after August and secure under 25 rank in GATE.

We here want to clear that GATE exam is not how much you read daily, it is about how much you cover your syllabus and do numerical. When take toppers interview, most of them say they don’t count how much time they read but they count how many topics they read daily and on those topics how much they practice numerical.

2. Coaching Vs Self Preparation

If you are doing coaching then you may take advantage only if you study regularly and complete all classes seriously. But as I am also from Delhi and also attended some coaching classes during my preparation period so want to tell you about the coaching vs self preparation in detail.

As my home was not very far from my coaching classes so I was lucky that my mother daily prepare breakfast and pack tiffin for class and daily wash my clothes and clean my room. But few of my friends were also attending coaching classes, they were living in a PG. They have to manage all. They used to tell me that they don’t get time for self study because they have to go for breakfast-luch-dinner and have to wash clothes and also have to adjust in a packed room.

Coaching will only help you if you may either adjust in that environment(In starting it seems easy but after 7-10 days students start complaining and they waste their one year in complaining and don’t focus on studies) or you are not money minded. If attending coaching then dont compromise on little things like should I buy cooler for 3 months or should I buy bed for one year. Invest for your comfort so you may study.

Students who are not attending coaching classes have two options – first to read and learn daily or to dream daily but don’t read a single chapter. Self study is everything and most of the students who qualify GATE exams do self study. Coaching institutes take their success credit. coaching institutes never mention that the student who secure AIR 01 was their regular classroom student or he/she only join one of your test series. Even some coaching institutes give some money to the rank holder and publish his photo with coaching banner in newspaper to attract more students.

If you are doing self study then chance of success is more as you dont have to manage with daily needs, self study is everything, even if coaching going student dont study at his room then it is also a waste of time and money.

Air 01 Tips

To get all india rank 01 or under 100 you have to be very punctual for one year. Toppers say they give only 6-7 months for preparation. 

First categorize the subject in 4 parts i.e Grade A subject , Grade B Subject, Grade C subject, Grade D subject.

GRADE – A Subjects

You should complete the Grade A mechanical subjects first so you may revise them as much as you can. Grade A subjects are those subjects that are asked most in GATE and have large weightage. 

  1. Mathematics (2013 By IIT Bombay-14%)
  2. Production (2013 By IIT Bombay-18%)
  3. TOM (2013 By IIT Bombay-09%)
  4. Industrial Engineering (2013 By IIT Bombay-05%)
  5. Fluid Mechanics & Machines (2013 By IIT Bombay-6%)
  6. SOM (2013 By IIT Bombay-6%)
  7. Thermodynamics (2013 By IIT Bombay-9%)

GRADE – B Subjects

You should complete the Grade B mechanical subjects after Grade A subjects . Grade B subjects are those subjects that are asked in GATE and have moderate weightage. 

  1. Design (2013 By IIT Bombay-7%)
  2. Heat Transfer (2013 By IIT Bombay-10%)
  3. Power plant (2013 By IIT Bombay-4%)

GRADE – C Subjects

You should complete the Grade C mechanical subjects after Grade B subjects .

  1. RAC (2013 By IIT Bombay-1%)
  2. Engineering Mechanics (2013 By IIT Bombay-0%)

GRADE – D Subjects

You should complete the Grade D mechanical subjects after Grade C subjects . These subjects should be touched at last because they are asked very less and dont have that much weight-age. If you complete all your syllabus then only touch these subjects.

  1. IC Engine (2013 By IIT Bombay-1%)
  2. Aptitude (2013 By IIT Bombay-15%)

Revisions Required To Get AIR 01-25

GRADE – A Subjects – 10 Revisions Required

GRADE – B Subjects – 07 Revisions Required

GRADE – C Subjects – 05 Revisions Required

GRADE – D Subjects – 02 Revisions Required

How to revise 10 Times? Course Completion Is Also A Major Task-

For this you have to make your notes in which you have to write everything that you need during revision. Reading whole book 10 times is not easy so make your own notes. also provides topper notes where we added all theory-derivation-numerical-interview question in details. From our notes you dont have to refer books, even you may start preperation from these notes without basics knowledge as we cover basic to advance level step by step. For More Info : Click Here

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