ISRO 2021 Syllabus- Computer Science Engineering- Scientist/Engineers SC

ISRO Scientist/ Engineer ‘SC’ Exam Pattern And Syllabus 2021 – Computer Science Engineering

In this article we are sharing the syllabus of ISRO Computer Science Engineering i.e Indian Space And Research Organization computer science Engineering (CS) syllabus for the post of ISRO Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ exam 2021

How To Download ISRO Scientist/Engineer SC Syllabus 2021 – 

  1. Aspirants first need to open the ISRO site
  2. On the Home Page, the candidate needs to find the link to ISRO Scientist Syllabus link.
  3. After finding it open it in a new tab.
  4. Then click on ISRO  Scientist/Engineer SC syllabus pdf format link.
  5. Download it and keep it for further preparation.

ISRO Scientist/ Engineer ‘SC’ Exam Pattern 2021 – Computer Science Engineering

ISRO Scientist/Engineer Syllabus 2021
Engineering Branch Computer Science Engineering
Total No. Of Question 80 Questions
ISRO Scientist/Engineer Exam Duration 90 Minutes
Negative Marking Yes
Marks Per Question 03 Marks
Maximum Marks 240 Marks
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ISRO Scientist/ Engineer ‘SC’ Exam 2021 Syllabus – Computer Science Engineering

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus – Computer H/W Digital Logic

  • Logic Functions
  • Minimization
  • Design and Synthesis of Combinational and Sequential Circuits – Number Representation and Computer Arithmetic (Fixed and Floating point)

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Software Systems Data Structures

  • Notion of Abstract Data Types
  • Stack, Queue, List, Set, String, Tree, Binary search tree, Heap, Graph

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Computer Organization

  • Machine Instructions and Addressing modes
  • ALU and Data-path
  • Hardwired and Microprogrammed control
  • Memory Interface
  • I/O Interface (Interrupt and DMA mode)
  • Serial Communication interface
  • Instruction Pipelining
  • Cache, Main and Secondary storage

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Programming Methodology

  • C Programming
  • Program control (Iteration, Recursion, Functions)
  • Scope, Binding, Parameter passing
  • Elementary concepts of Object oriented, Functional and Logic Programming

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Algorithms for Problem Solving

  • Tree and Graph Traversals
  • Connected components
  • Spanning Trees, Shortest Paths
  • Hashing, Sorting, Searching
  • Design Techniques (Greedy, Dynamic Programming, Divideand-Conquer)

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Compiler Design

  • Lexical Analysis
  • Parsing
  • Syntax Directed Translation
  • Runtime environment
  • Code Generation
  • Linking (Static and Dynamic)

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Operating Systems

  • Classical Concepts (Concurrency, Synchronization, Deadlock)
  • Processes, Threads and Interprocess communication
  • CPU scheduling
  • Memory Management
  • File systems, I/O systems
  • Protection and Security

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Databases

  • Relational Model (ER-model, Relational algebra, Tuple calculus)
  • Database Design (Integrity Constraints, Normal forms)
  • Query languages (SQL)
  • File Structures (Sequential files, Indexing, B+ trees)
  • Transactions and Concurrency control

ISRO 2021 Computer Science  Syllabus- Computer Networks

  • ISO/OSI stack
  • Sliding Window Protocol
  • LAN Technologies (Ethernet, Token ring)
  • Basic Concepts of Switches, Gateways and Routers
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