ISRO Exam – Last Minute Tips By Topper

Today team is sharing ISRO SC Exam – Scientist/Engineers exam last minute tips shared. The following tips are given by IES Dinesh Bajaj who also cleared ISRO exam.

1. Don’t read till late. Have a good sleep. Fresh mind performs better.

2. Check all your necessary stuff, pens , hall ticket and documents are in order.

3. Don’t read anything new. Just revise.

4. Discuss and compare less with other people. Its only about you and your performance now.

5. While solving please don’t waste time on lengthy questions. There are so many to choose from. Go for less time consuming ones.

6. If u make a mistake in any Q don’t get into tension. You will get lots of other Q to cover it.

7. Don’t haste. Haste will spoil your calculation accuracy.

8. Keep your mind calm at all times no matter what situation arises.

With this I pray to God that all of you should be able to give your best tomorrow. Best of luck!

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