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Aditi (IES Officer)

Indian Railway

Well, its been a long time I wrote a post. In railways its lots of traveling made worse with bad wi-fi connection almost everywhere.

I have got a lot of inquiries about clearing IES without coaching so here we are. Though it is difficult to imagine how would you stand a chance when everybody has coaching advantage but let me tell you its not impossible.

But you gotta be real serious about it. In my batch I have few guys who cleared IES with their college and that too with ranks under top 20. We even have 5 marine engineers who passed it with very good rank. Even people from very normal unknown unheard colleges are here training with me. So, where ever you are you should not think you don’t stand a chance. The point is dedication and time. I really believe that if you get serious about it early in your second year or third year or fourth year and you make sincere efforts you have better chance to clear it compared to those who are taking time off and coaching. They have to deal with certain mental pressure hard living conditions and almost no time for self-study. In addition, it as very costly to pay coaching fees and living in Delhi sarai area. So my point is if you are clear you want to go for it you don’t need to wait to join coaching to start your studies. You can do it in your college time studying reasonably regularly and taking studies seriously instead of resorting to last-minute measures. I hope following points would help.

Download and take a print of IES syllabus and stick it on wall where you can see it regularly remembering your dream. Kulkarni sir used to say that if you have learnt syllabus by heart your work is half done.

2.What ever subjects you are studying in your semester match them with syllabus topics and do them well. You don’t need to read foreign author books to clear IES but stay away from R k Jain sort of books too. I find Khurmi, D S Kumar, R K Rajput books quite good.

3. Make sure you keep up notes copy and formula copy side by side. At this moment you might not see their importance but they will come very handy when you start forgetting things, revising subjects in short time etc. Please please I am begging you take it very seriously to make re readable notes. Its the only thing that matters is revise, revise, and revise no matter how much of sharp brain you are.

4. You might not understand everything in one go. It is very usual to take 4 to 5 readings of a topic at different point of time before you reasonably understand it. I am saying reasonably because their might still be questions you won’t have a clue about. Its normal, you don’t need to be exceptionally bright to clear IES.

5. Try to do previous year questions topic wise they will appropriately challenge you and give you an idea about what is expected out of you. Again not every question in that paper is needed to be solved by you. Paper is a mix of easy , mixed and hard questions. Try to raise your level but do not get disheartened by difficult questions.

6. Set aside 2 to 4 hours for this prep. Study the subjects coming in the semester seriously this would help you to get good grades too. But try to revise earlier subjects too. You might be losing some fun time or sleep time but trust me its an investment you are making towards future happiness which is far more worthy and valuable.

7. Once you decide to go for it make sure every moment is spent to come more near to your dream.

You know what I wished someone gave me this advice when I was college. I just wasted my time there with friends whom I don’t talk to anymore. I feel really sad when I see college people in a bubble. I want to tell then so badly “You are responsible for your future and good things don’t magically come to you”. I had chats with lots of people here IES IAS both. They all claim coaching days were the worst time of their lives. Dropping a year, wasting parents money, listening curses from them, feeling lows often, fear of not getting selected, insecurity about future etc. takes a huge toll emotionally and confidence wise. And entering govt service at later age makes a huge difference in your promotions and seniority too. Every year since your birth almost determines the altitude you will reach in govt service.
You are in college with the best years ahead of you. If, you make dedicated efforts you can do it.

So guys best of luck and please let me know you are reading it and suggest any topics you want me to write about not technical though. I have forgotten all about them.

Aditi (IES Officer)

Indian Railway

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