IES Interview – Rejection in Engineering Services Exam If No Work Experience And 2 Year Drop After Completing Engineering For Coaching?

Students who are preparing for IES exam have one doubt that am I killing my time on preparation? Do i join job for experience? Will IES exam selection matters on year gap that i am taking for coaching?

So to answer these doubts we are writing this article. Answer

No ,it wont matter much or you can say it does not matter all if you justify your break honestly . Normally out of 200 interview marks lie between 85 – 150 (these are extremes ).

An average guy gets above 100 easily . So if you score excellent in written papers nobody can stop you from getting through ESE . There have been people doing nothing jUST preparing for 2-3 years and they too passed ESE . These things dont matter much .

Prepare Hard….Keep Faith …..
All the Best !!

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