How To Make Short Notes – Revise Whole GATE/ESE Syllabus – Toppers Suggestion

In this article we are sharing the strategy to make short notes for GATE/ESE and other exams. This technique will help you to revise whole syllabus in a short time and by this you may revise one subject many times in limited time period.

Revision is important part of your studies and for effective revision Short notes plays a key role. So Few points should be taken care while preparing short notes to make best utilization of them.

  1. Don’t make short notes just after first reading. To develop understanding of any subject you have to read it 2 to 3 times. So short notes should be made only after you have command over topics.
  2. Make short notes as concise as possible. Don’t include everything in short notes. Remember you always have detailed notes for reference , So Only formulas , important problems and concepts should be included.
  3. Try to write Short notes in your own language. Avoid using bookish language. Include Flow diagram and charts instead of paragraphs to remember information for long time and to reduce time for revision.
  4. Leave some space after each topic so that if you find new concepts at later stage you can easily add to your short notes .
  5. Revise from short notes on regular basis. So that you habituated of using short notes.

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