How I handled the stress during GATE preparation – Priyanshu Sharma GATE 2019 (AIR-06 EC)

Hi I am Priyanshu sharma, AIR-6 EC branch in GATE 2019. This was my second attempt in Gate. Last year I got 24.66 marks, and this year 81.

Yes, the preparation asked for some sacrifices, but in the end, the journey was amazing and this feeling is awesome. The best thing I saw after the result was the happiness and the spark in the eyes of my family, specially my mother’s . She made sure that I was as much relieved of the home duties( :p Perks of being the youngest in the family) as I could be, during my preparation phase.


This is my Gate-2019 result. I have never been interested in doing private jobs or Plus, PSU has always been my dream. Hopefully I will land in one if the interview goes smooth.

How do I handle the stress during my preparation for the GATE exam?

There is just one and only one solution for this,

Test Series

Set yourself up with an ambience similar to the actual Gate exam, with no distractions for those 3 hours. Attempt the exam in the same way you plan to do in the actual Gate exam, better if you do the calculations too in a writepad itself to give you the actual feel. Also, be well versed with the virtual calculator and its functions, it can save a lot of time in the exam.

After some mock tests, you won’t be stressed out that much during the actual Gate exam( zero stress in impossible actually, a little should always be there).

One more thing, take a water bottle with yourself in the exam centre, preferable a 1 litre one. Whenever you feel a littpe nervous because of some problem or something else, have a sip, and then proceed.

I controlled my stress and tension during the actual exam this way(finished the water in the exam centre itself :D).

Hope it helps.

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