GATE 2022 : Top 10 Online Coaching And Self Study Websites/Apps

Touts trailing students and parents, motorbikes occupying every corner, GATE aspirants with coaching bags crowding around stalls for snacks and chai, roads littered with pamphlets — this was the scene near offline GATE Coaching Institutes. The pandemic hit just as coaching centres were to begin their new session.
But students.
In Kalu Sarai, New Delhi a hub of IIT JEE and GATE Coaching 10 institutes have shut their offices and classrooms permanently, many have told landlords they cannot pay rent anymore and might have to vacate. 
Owners of these offline coaching institutes are very depressed as students are not interested to join there online classes also. An official at coaching institute said that with most classes being shifted online, institutes can save on paying rent. “But the online model is not very good for us. If we had 500 students earlier in a year, we have just 50 online,” he said.
For GATE 2022 and IES 2022 exam registration for online coaching classes have been started and students have one doubt in their mind that which online coaching is best to join? Which online learning app/coaching’s faculty is best subject wise. Here we The is trying to write this article from our friends and juniors reviews and help.

Why one should opt for Online Coaching?

While getting enrolled for the coaching classes, sometimes GATE aspirants find it difficult to select the best coaching institute and they find it hard to decide which institute they should join. With the advancement in technology, preparing for the entrance test from homes has become quite an easier task. 

Freedom to study at your own pace

The GATE aspirants need not worry in case they are slow/ fast learner. The online course is designed based on the individual’s needs and can be customized as well.

Manageable timings

Study whenever you want, pause a lecture, take a short break, and resume the classes


  • A proper and regular class schedule will help in bringing consistency make them more disciplined. 
  • Online classes work best for all the students who are sufficiently self-motivated and can stay consistent and disciplined by themselves. 
  • Also, in case the students are not able to understand any particular topic, they can understand the concepts by referring to the saved video lectures

Peaceful environment

  • Online coaching gives a chance to the students to prepare in a peaceful way which in turn increases the chances of performing better as well. 
  • At the same time, you can give online mock tests with your other group students and stay aware of the real competition. 
  • GATE exam is given by lakhs of aspirants each year, so understanding the real competition is also important so that the aspirants can prepare accordingly.

Online Study material

  • During GATE classroom coaching, the teachers and the faculties ensure that all the important concepts are being taught to the students in the classes. 
  • Also, they provide important notes for the references of the students. 
  • Updated question bank, accurate solutions for reference, previous year sample papers, model questions, etc. are some of the study material which is provided by the students as the lecture notes. 
  • GATE online coaching is useful as it allows the students to get access to an unlimited number of questions.

Flexibility of classes

  • This is one of the biggest advantages of online coaching, it allows the students to study anytime anywhere and for as much duration that they want. 
  • The students can select their own time and place of learning which in turn helps a lot in saving their commuting time, in between breaks, etc. 
  • Even in case, someone is sick or is not able to take up the classes can cope up with the syllabus by watching the saved video lectures. 
  • Online GATE coaching offers better flexibly in terms of study pattern and the students can opt for GATE coaching classes, as per their comfort.

Saves time and money

  • GATE online coaching is useful in saving a lot of time and money. 
  • Lower tuition costs, easier availability of study material, no commuting time, are some of the perks of online classes.
  • Online classes for GATE prove to be much more cost-effective as compared to the regular classroom GATE coaching. But at the same time, it is important to take care that the quality is not compromised for money.
NOTE : We are not promoting or demoting any coaching. All coaching institutes are best, as qualified IES officers are teaching in most of the coaching.

GATE 2022 Self Study / Free Course Websites

1. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

  • NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is a joint venture of 7 IITs and IISc.
  • NPTEL has a dedicated section for GATE aspirants where they can access GATE Previous Year Papers for all the disciplines.
  • Apart from the preparation section for GATE, NPTEL also has a collection of GATE material on 5 engineering branches (Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, and Mechanical) and other core science programs that generally most engineering graduates are required to undergo during their graduation.

2. MIT Open Courseware (OCW)

  • MIT Open CourseWare is an online project initiated and managed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • It is a large scale free-for-access web publication of all course materials from various Graduate and Undergraduate courses offered by MIT.
  • There is no specific section for GATE aspirants. However, MIT OCW provides more than 2300 courses online.


  • is relatively new in the field of GATE preparation. However, the site has come up with a new concept of providing handwritten and scanned notes.
  • It is basically designed as an online marketplace where candidates can share, sell, purchase their study notes.


  • The main purpose of the website is to provide study material to candidates for GATE. They offer Video Courses, Study Material Courses, Questions Banks, Test series, Revision Courses and much more. 
  • The website offers a number of courses, video courses, revision programs, etc.
  • It currently offers resources for Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering branches.

GATE 2022 Paid Online Course Platforms

1. Unacademy 

Website. : Unacademy.Com
Email :
Our Experience :  As per me and my team members Unacademy is the best online learning platform for GATE 2022 course because here faculty not only teach you subjects but also motivates you. As many faculties of top institutes are now shifting to this online platform so this is the no. 01 online learning platform in India. Your first choice should be Unacademy if you are planning to crack GATE exam this year.

Unacademy GATE 2022 Free Lectures

Yes, free lectures are available on Unacademy for GATE preparation, GATE and ESE under 10 rankers and GATE top most faculties with 10+ year of teaching experience are delivering their lectures free of cost. 

Unacademy GATE 2022 Fee Structure (Plus Course)

  • 01 Month Subscription – Rs. 05 Thousand
  • 03 Months Subscription – Rs. 12 Thousand 500 Hundred
  • 06 Months Subscription – Rs. 20 Thousand
  • 12 Months/Yearly Subscription – Rs. 25 Thousand

What Is Unacademy Plus Subscription

1. What is Plus Subscription?

Plus Subscription gives you access to all live courses and quizzes launched every month within the goal you’ve subscribed for. Plus subscription is available for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

2. What are the benefits of this subscription?

You will get access to comprehensive live courses and quizzes by top Educators. This will allow you to evaluate your learning and measure your progress. Additionally, you can participate in doubt-clearing sessions with the Educators and get your queries resolved.

3. Is there a limit to the number of courses I can access as part of this subscription?

There is no limit to the number of courses you can enroll in when your subscription for a particular goal is active.

4. Can I enroll in a course if it has already started?

Yes. You can enroll in any course before its end date. The class recordings will be available for you on the course page so that you can cover the missed lessons and quizzes.

5. Can I pay the subscription fee on a monthly basis?

Yes, we have EMI options available for all subscription plans. Once you have chosen your preferred subscription plan, proceed to payment and choose EMI as the payment option.

6. Can I download courses and watch them offline later?

Yes. After every live lesson, recordings will be made available for download. You can watch this later, even when you are offline.

7. What happens when my subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to your enrolled courses, study material and recordings. However, when you renew your subscription, you will get access to all your previously enrolled and active courses.

8. Why is the subscription paid?

The educators on Unacademy Plus are subject matter experts that put in a significant amount of their time and effort in preparing the courses, resolving doubts in the classroom and guiding you along your learning journey. In order to compensate them and to maintain the tech infrastructure that is required to conduct their live courses seamlessly, we charge a subscription fee.

2. Deep Learn – ACE Engineering Academy

Our Experience : Deep Learn is GATE ESE And Other Online Engineering Exams online learning platform by Ace Engineering academy, ACE is the pioneering institute in the training field of ESE, GATE and PSUs. Since its inception in the year 1995, the institute has been paying highest attention towards providing very high quality engineering education to its students and help them to reach the Zenith. ACE Engineering Academy has secured all India 1st ranks 48 times in GATE, 11 All India First Ranks in ESE.

Deep Learn GATE 2022 Fee Structure

  • GATE Computer Science Engineering Online Course – Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 26,000/- After Discount)
  • GATE Civil Engineering Online Course – Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 26,000/- After Discount)
  • GATE Mechanical Engineering Online Course – Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 26,000/- After Discount)
  • GATE Electrical Engineering Online Course – Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 26,000/- After Discount)
  • GATE Electronics And Communication Engineering Online Course – Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 26,000/- After Discount)
  • GATE Instrumentation Engineering Online Course – Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 26,000/- After Discount)
  • GATE Production Engineering Online Course – Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. 26,000/- After Discount)

Why Deep Learn GATE 2022 Online Learning Platform?

  • Made For Competitive Examinations – Courses are carefully tailored to maximize student performance in competitive examinations through in depth coverage of key concepts and problem solving skills.
  • Rich Knowledge Base – Meet educators with more than 10 years of teaching, who’ll share their knowledge through videos, short quizzes & additional resources.
  • Continually Updated Courses- Information changes rapidly everyday and so do our courses. We constantly work with our academic partners to keep the courses relevant in our swiftly changing world.

3. IES Master

IES Master OQPP i.e Objective Question Practice Program is a good choice for Civil Engineering students who have completed there syllabus and want to practice different type of questions and want to brushup there concepts
through conceptual questions.

Tackling objective questions is a game of conceptual clarity, numerical ability, speed, accuracy, and handling pressure. Today objective type exams have evolved to an altogether different level. With year-on-year rising competition, it is becoming very difficult for engineering graduates to be sure of variety of questions that may be asked in exam.

The Objective Question Practice Program (OQPP), an online course by IES MASTER, has been designed and structured to facilitate engineering students aspiring for ESE, GATE, State PSCs or any other Engineering Exams. By taking the OQPP program of IES Master, aspirants learn to deduce the right answer while attempting objective questions, get conceptual clarity on various important topics, and build upon their time management skills.

Why IES Master OQPP Online Course?

  • Progam Validity : Till GATE 2022 Exam
  • Useful for ESE, GATE, State PSCs and Other Engineering Exams
  • Covers the Complete Technical Syllabus
  • Covers Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Aptitude
  • Build upon the ability to deduce right answers
  • Get conceptual clarity on various important topics
  • Access the lectures anytime from anywhere
  • Experience ESE and GATE exam pattern
  • Subject-wise tests to analyse performance after every subjects
  • Clear your doubts through Student Zone, Mobile App (Discussion Forum) or IES MASTER Offical Telegram Group
  • Package Contains :
    • 275-300 Hrs Video Classes
    • 19 Subject-wise Tests

Superprof GATE online coaching

  • Students get 24/7 access to HD Video Lectures helpful in GATE Preparation
  • The classes are taken by India’s best professors for GATE
  • The students will also get offline access through the Mobile App
  • Practice Tests & Doubt Clearing classes will also be taken
  • Teaching will be based on the latest syllabus for all streams of GATE Preparation.

Neostencil GATE online coaching

  • Students will get 24/7 access to the classes
  • Both, live and recorded classes will be available throughout the course validity
  • The students can get an unlimited revision, they can play pause, and rewind as and when they need.
  • Timely query resolution and evaluation of assignments
  • The entire study material will be dispatched within 3 days of enrolment

Gateflix GATE online coaching

  • Live interaction possible with IIT alumnus or experienced faculties
  • Teaching by top experts so that students living in remote locations with limited facilities can access the classes
  • Helps in saving valuable travelling time
  • Access to saved sessions at your convenience
  • Low-tuition cost as compared to coaching centers
  • Classes can be accessed on tablets and smartphones
  • Learn short-tricks helpful to solve previous year GATE question papers
  • Learners will get a better learning experience

*GATE Live Class 2022- INR Rs.14, 999 (Limited Offer)

*GATE Live Class 2023- INR 18,999 (Limited Offer)

Brainstorm Achievers GATE online coaching

  • The students will get daily access to GATE Live classes.
  • The students will get familiar with the updated syllabus for all the streams of GATE preparation.
  • Weekly, monthly tests are arranged that track the students’ progress and guide you accordingly.
  • Ample test practices through the mock tests, chapter tests, solved test papers and more.
  • Online classes offered by experienced faculties from IIT & IIScB.
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions are arranged for all students
  • Students get access to the stored video classes; they will be available up to First GATE or NET Exam or Up To 6 Months From Registration Date
  • Whatsapp group created for all students

Gate Forum – Engineering Success

  • More than 400 hours of live online classes aimed at covering the entire GATE syllabus
  • Students will be able to access to view missed classes under “Video on Demand” section
  • Students can follow a 45-5-10 teaching structure for every 1 hour of class (where 45 minutes is allocated for every lecture, 5 minute break followed by 10 minutes Q & A session)
  • Chat-based interaction with faculty to clear doubt during the live class.
  • Additional Doubt Clarification sessions on a fixed schedule.
  • Short quizzes after each chapter
  • Online TarGATE (Online Test Series) – (Optional)
  • Total 72 online tests consisting of Section Tests and Full Syllabus T

Nimbus GATE online coaching

  • NIMBUS aimed at making online classes available to the students living in remote areas.
  • Teaching is offered by the quality teachers and faculty.
  • With engaging content and superior technology, the institute aimed at creating a superior learning experience for students.
  • Live interactive sessions with teachers and students.

The GATE Academy online coaching

  • More than 1500 hours of (Live + VoD)sessions
  • Online classes are offered by IIT/IISc alumni through the internet.
  • The classes can be accessed on TGA LMS Enroll for free Demo
  • Entire GATE Syllabus will be available in HD-quality with pre-recorded Video Lecture by IISc/IIT/NIT alumni and GATE experts.
  • More than 1700 Problems & Solutions Grouped under 85+ Chapters.
  • Accessed through TGA Mobile
  • More than 30 to 40 hours allocated for the revision and doubt solving Sessions of all Important Subjects 45 days before exam
  • Online Live-Interactive Session

Made Easy Prime GATE online coaching

In addition to the classroom courses, Made Easy also offers Online Test Series for GATE. Its features include:

  • Same exam interface as GATE exam
  • Detailed Solutions provided for students reference
  • Students can ask doubts related to questions to the experts
  • The overall analysis of the test is offered, the total score in the test along with the total questions attempted
  • Time taken to complete the test and rank secured.
  • Time wise Pi Chart

ICE GATE Institution 

  • It is another good coaching institute in the country for GATE preparation.
  • It offers several online coaching programs for Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, and Electronics Engineering.
  • The price of the programs offered range between Rs. 8,200 and Rs. 36,000.
  • They provide online and offiline classes along with comprehensive study material. 
  • They also provide test series to candidates. 
  • They provide special classes and stuyd material to crack PSU through GATE. 
Candidate may use this list of GATE 2022 online coaching institutes for their GATE 2022 exam preparation. We trid our best. Still if your find any variation in our provided information, Please let us know. 

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