How To Clear GATE Exam – SK Mondal Sir (Made Easy)

Dear GATE aspirants the most famous sir of the most famous coaching Made Easy has shared the success tips on his facebook wall about what to do and what not to do if you are giving GATE exam this year.

Swapan Kumar Mondal Sir is one of the most famous faculty of made easy, he is known by JUGAAD…. he has the solution of every situation, the situation may be of exams or industry or real life. I am a big fan of Mondal sir and may write a many pages article on him…..

Last 25 days strategy for GATE- SK Mondal

First seven days i.e till 17th Jan, strengthen all those topics which you felt if done better i could have solved some more questions in IES paper; give 7 days for those topics ( if they are in GATE syllabus) . For other students who did not appear for IES you too have 7 days to solidify your weak areas.

From 18th Jan to 27th Jan … 10 days …
a good enough time to solve and practice previous years questions .. practice as much as you can . ( it is expected you have done this in entire year also but for practice just do it once more ) Not necessary each and every question but questions which you must have marked while practicising before , questions in which you took help from friends and teachers before , solve all such kind of questions again.

Last 1 week . ..
You cannot learn anything new, learning new at this point of time you will either loose confidence or you will get muddled with your old concepts …. What is to be done in last 7-8 days is just write and revise all the formulae , there are questions which are direct formulae based you should not miss them practising the tough ones . So write and revise all formulae subject by subject and topic by topic .

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