GATE Preparation Toppers Time Table – Suyash Nilawar (AIR – 40 : GATE 2018)

In this article we are sharing the full year routine of Nilawar Suyash Sudhir who secured AIR 40 in GATE 2020 in mechanical engineering branch. Currently Nilawar Suyash Sudhir is working with IOCL.

I prepared for the GATE exam after completion of my B.Tech (2017).

Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Type of study: With coaching

It is being said that “Discipline is the substitute for constant motivation.”

Yes it is very true that one should be motivated while doing any task but maintaining that motivation level high throughout the preparation is not that easy.. hence one should have specific routine and one should strictly adhere to it.

I’m sharing my strategy during GATE preparation here, before that I would like to put this scenario in the form of problem.


To score good marks in GATE so that I’ll be able to make into good IITs or PSUs.


  1. Time: 7 months (since in my case I joined coaching, which generally starts in june and exam is in Feb).
  2. Syllabus: For most of the branches there are 8-10 Tech subjects_70 marks + Apti_15 marks + Maths_15 maks.


Taking into consideration the limited time period and vast nature of syllabus it is advisable to have study plan for a day, week, and month.

1. Whatever was taught in the coaching I used to read it once daily and then used to solve problems based on it on the same day from modules(1+2) compulsorily.

*While solving mark the problems which you think are important since It will help you while revising.

*Get the difficult problems clear on the very next day from faculty or friends in your group.

2. At each week end solve previous year GATE problems.

3. Once the subject is over make short notes.

4. At each month end revise old subject from short notes and solve marked questions as well as all previous GATE questions one more time.

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5. Whenever you feel bored prepare charts, take it’s xerox and stick it on the wall.

*For technical subjects prepare flowcharts (including all concepts+formulas+important problems).

*For maths prepare formula tables.

6. Once the whole preparation is over by the end of November start giving subject tests.

*revise all the subjects while giving tests and solve only module-1 + previous year GATE questions.

*Give multi subject tests and analyse it properly. Mark the mistakes and write those in separate notebook.

7. By the start of January revise all the subjects simultaneously and important problems as well.

8. Start attempting full length tests seriously from 2-3 coaching institutes till the GATE exam.

Following this strategy my result was

suyash gate time table
suyash gate time table


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