GATE 2021 How To Get Under AIR 1-500? : GATE 2021 – IIT Bombay

How to get under 500 rank in GATE 2021, what to read and how to read are the main questions of the aspirant. Read this article and know how you may score under 100 rank in GATE 2021 by IIT Bombay.

GATE 2021 Aspirants, welcome to your own website “ – No. 01 Website For Self Preparation” , today in this article we are covering the major aspirant’s asked question:-

How To Get AIR 01 Or Under 500 Rank In Mechanical Engineering?

How To Get AIR 01 Or Under 500 Rank In Electrical Engineering?

How To Get AIR 01 Or Under 500 Rank In Civil Engineering?

How To Get AIR 01 Or Under 500 Rank In Electronics And Communication Engineering?

How To Get AIR 01 Or Under 500 Rank In Instrumentation Engineering?

How To Get AIR 01 Or Under 500 Rank In Computer Science Engineering?

First of all we want to clear that there is no shortcut to get this descent rank, by luck or by trick you may qualify GATE but without hard work you can’t score under 500 rank.

If you follow these tips then 100% it is possible to get under AIR 500 and if you dedicate yourself then AIR 01 is also possible.

Tips By Toppers:-

  1. First Download your GATE Syllabus and make your schedule from easy to hard subject (All subjects are easy but person to person due to lack of interest or knowledge they may be hard to individuals) – DOWNLOAD SYLLABUS
  2. To get under AIR 500 – It’s solely depending upon your core conceptual and application based knowledge of your engineering stream, and how efficiently and effectively you practice previous year question papers, mock tests before appearing for main exam, which ultimately decides your double digit or triple digit AIR.
  3. The preparation period varied from person to person.
  4. 150 days will be required for an average engineering student to complete the syllabus.
  5. You should use Topper Notes side by side to complete your syllabus on time
  6. Smart Preparation strategy should have Daily 4-5hrs of theory and 3 hours of practice upon questions related studied topics on that day. If you followed this strategy, it will sail you through from GATE examination.
  7. In last 30 days before exam date , try to give mock tests online and offline (with gap of 5 days) in CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. It will help you to analyse your mistakes, help you to reduce negative marking.
  8. Practice of giving mock exams in controlled environment, will help you in reducing peer pressure, burden, anxiety, nervousness on main exam date, and in the exam hall.
  9. In last 30 days, don’t do Overthinking. Be relaxed, calm and composed. Do morning exercises, meditation for 30 minutes, cut contact from negative people.
  10. Through out preparation, have a good saatvik diet plan, drink 3–4 liter water everyday ( as during studies we drink very less amount of water, which is not good for health, as you need to continue your study schedule for 4–5 months ). Try to keep yourself away from viral diseases by avoiding public gathering / public places as much as you can.
  11. All the best!! Definitely you will get good rank if you followed such strategy. ⛳

Hope you will keep these topper tips in mind during your preparation phase, students don’t loose your confidence and dont demotivate your self because if you can clear your engineering degree just by reading one day before exam then here you are getting 365 nights, use your night and day smartly and grab your dream job this year, all the very best to all.