GATE 2022 Exam Cancelled? – Official News

GATE 2022 – This topic is trending on internet that whether GATE 2022 exam is going to be postponed or not or IIT Kharagpur will cancel the exam this year?


Dear students, some fake websites and telegram channel are spreading this rumor and IIT Kharagpur has cleared this that they are not planning to cancel or postponing the exam. But year as Corona Virus Omicron Variant cases graph is going up day by day so IIT Kharagpur has only given one statement on this issue that ” The health and safety of our examination participants is of utmost priority. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, all dates mentioned in this website may change. In rare cases, the GATE 2022 examination may be postponed or cancelled due to situations beyond control.”

Students who are preparing for GATE 2022 exam should be focused on their preparation only, many youtubers will come and go, they only have one job, to make a video and earn money. Don’t waste your time on youtube eye catching titles, this is very clear that as of now GATE 2022 is not going to be postponed or cancelled.


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