GATE 2020 : Total Students Applied Vs Appeared Vs Qualified – Branchwise

In this article we are sharing the Total no. of students apply for GATE 2020, Total no. of appear in GATE 2020 and Total no. of students qualified GATE 2020.

Before GATE 2010 exam and after GATE 2020 exam students who appeared in GATE 2020 exam and also the students who are appearing in GATE 2010 wants to know about the No. of students appeared in GATE 2020 and the students qualified.

Today – No. 01 Website For Self Preparation and Guidance is giving you the detail analysis of GATE 2020. Here we are providing you the total no of students who applied and appeared in GATE 2020 and the students qualified branch wise.

Number of Candidates Qualified in GATE 2020

Total number of students registered For GATE 2020 candidates = Nearly 10 Lakh
Total number of students appeared for GATE 2020 the exam
Number of students appeared for the GATE 2020 exam (Percentage)
Total number of qualified aspirants for the GATE 2020 exam
Total number of qualified students (Percentage)

Number of Students Qualified in GATE 2020

Paper Code

GATE 2019 Paper

No of Candidates Appearing

No of Candidates Qualified

Paper Code GATE Paper No of Candidates Appeared No of Candidates Qualified
AE Aerospace Engineering 4 Thousand
AG Agricultural Engineering 1.6 Thousand
AR Architecture and Planning 7 Thousand
BT Biotechnology 12 Thousand
CE Civil Engineering 145064
CH Chemical Engineering 20 Thousand
CS Computer Science and Information Technology 1.7 Lakh
CY Chemistry 20 Thousand
EC Electronics and Communication Engineering 104782
EE Electrical Engineering 112097
EY Ecology and Evolution 1 Thousand
GG Geology and Geophysics 7 Thousand
IN Instrumentation Engineering 20 Thousand
MA Mathematics 09 Thousand
ME Mechanical Engineering 3 Lakh
MN Mining Engineering 3 Thousand
MT Metallurgical Engineering 5 Thousand
PE Petroleum Engineering 4 Thousand
PH Physics 13 Thousand
PI Production and Industrial Engineering 5 Thousand
TF Textile Engineering and Fibre Science 2 Thousand
XE Engineering Sciences 4 Thousand
XL Life Sciences 14 Thousand

NOTE – The following data is gained by taking previous year analysis and survey by ; Official stats will be declared by IIT Delhi after GATE 2020

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