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I Scored AIR 24, GATE 2016 : AYUSH PRAVEEN
Sharing my experience, i am a overall kind of guy, doing good with studies, extracurriculars, research, skills thus basically everything but i knew that GATE is no joke. So i started my GATE preparation almost 6-7 months ago with the onset of my summer vacations. Now i started my syllabus with Immunology and Genetics and these were the subjects that took about 2 month of my time, i was pretty slow. Once i came back to my college after vacations, one of my senior(graduated) asked me on a call about my GATE prep, i told him about the status and he scolded me for being slow. At that time i calculated the expected time it would take me to complete syllabus + maths + apti and time for revision. The calculation pretty scared me and i made a target to study and complete atleast 3 subjects within a month. I used to study for 12 or 1 am to 5 or 6 am, Telling that i used to study for 4-5 hours in day(or rather night). In the morning i used to have a class of downstream processing at 9am and i never made it before 10am to my department. I told my teacher about the scenario and she politely and sweetly asked me to try to attend her class. Still i was able to get an attendance of 50% only and we are required to get 80% to avoid detention but my teacher is very sweet and she not only saved me but gave me 95% attendance as i was a good student (lucky me, I am quite thankfull of her). After lunch i used to work on my project, i did a fair good part of it in the previous semester(my guide is hard to please but he is happy with my work and dedication). Now the syllabus moved to other subjects. Afterwards i completed RDT, Micro, Cell, Analytical, Informatics and Molecular biology(Animal and Plant Biotechnology is in my final year so i was studying it as a part of semester syllabus, also regular maths practice was there around the october) in the respective order and before the estimated time, but around october my project ppt and midsems were scheduled so it killed a lot of my prep time. I expected myself to complete my syllabus by November mid, revise once, then after the sem end(december) exams i would revise the syllabus again, but to my surprise i was no where near it. My most dreaded subjects were left Biochemistry and Bioprocess(also Process Biotechnology). I completed Biochem leaving only subject by november end. I had done no revision uptill now. I thought i was pretty much doomed. I gave my end semester, scored a whopping 83.1% went home around 21st december. Now all left was a month to revise and complete the left subject.All the time passed, i almost completed my syllabus but if you have attempted GATE then u know revision is the most important part of the preparation. I studied day and night for the GATE at my home in this last month. I used to study all night starting starting from 10pm to 7am. In the morning i used to wake up at 9am with my mother serving me breakfast. I used to be so dozed off that once my eyes confused me showing that it is a platefull of maggi and as soon as i took a spoonfull of it then i got triggered that it is poha. After breakfast i used to sleep again doing the same with the lunch. Then i used to wake up at 4-5pm, studying for two to three hours. Then uptill 10pm it used to be my relax time and the cycle continued for the month(It was a hell of a month). If awake i used to study during the day time too. Maths has been both my weak and strong point(Strong if i practice regularly and weak as i don’t) and i forgot quite many of the formulas in the meantime so i had to go around studying maths once again. I left some topics in between as they were big that i would revise them later, before a day of the exam it strike my mind that those topics were left and i went crazy trying to complete them before the exam, breaking the rule that i wouldn’t study a day before. So it was a quite a crazy and yet a enjoyable journey of mine of GATE2016.

Some noteworthy points which might help
Prepare keeping in mind that you have something important for which you are doing this(I want to have a good research exposure so that my future career as a scientist blooms, it could be anything for you)
·         Be regular in studies, breaking regularity breaks your score.
·         Remember all the people who share up a good intent and interest with you. Your family, friends, relatives, facultys, college juniors, seniors and the list goes on(In my case, Lot of them, Really thankful of them). This literally help.
·         There is no set pattern to study or sure shot method, everyone should study as per themselves. Even a regular study of 2-3 hours/day or a smart study trick(not me, but people can do) can work against hours and hours of study.
·         Always think you can do and never think it is hard.
·         Always take advises in a positive sense even if someone gives a positive one or not. If someone gives you a positive advise thank him and if someone gives you a negative one, just work to prove him wrong.
·         Never doubt yourself.


Studying is not enough, regularly practice questions.

·         Last and not the least, contrary to what most people think would be a downfall. I am a post holder(Public Relation and Designing Head) of Student Activity Cell(SAC) of my institution, Best designer in my college, a dancer, an anchor and the speaking representative of SAC and so many other things. Even with my gate preparation i somehow managed time to organize activities in my college, did every bit of the above things, gave time to my responsibilities as a CR, did designing stuff, had time for my friends and semester exams too. In other words as a college student, i suggest you to devote your time to all these things in the college from the start. These things make you learn somethings that you can’t work off with books. I was an under-confident guy in my first year, not even close to what i am today. If you do similar things regularly, you will learn good time management and this will reflect with your gate prep. They would also help with your interviews and other stuff.  

Finally My Result: I Scored AIR 24, GATE 2016

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