GATE 2017 Topper – Nikhar Gangrade Interview : AIR 10 – Instrumentation Engineering

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As GATE 2018 result is out and students who qualified these exams but not get good rank by any reason and the students who are preparing first time for the above exams wants to know how should we prepare so that we may also get good rank in GATE IES and PSUs exam.

Today we are with Naman Jaswani who secured AIR 01 in GATE 2018 in Instrumentation engineering branch.  

My name is Nikhar Gangrade. I am from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh and secured an AIR 10 in GATE 2017 in Instrumentation Branch. I had done my Btech from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad. I started preparing from December 2016 after 7th-semester exams. I decided to appear for Gate exam because it opens different paths after engineering and gives freedom to opt any of the carriers from Job and higher Studies.

My first reaction

This time the result was announced one day before the announced date. My roommate first told me the result that I had got 10th rank. I checked the result and also showed it to more than 10 friends to confirm it’s my name and 10th rank. It was unbelievable that I can get a position in top 10 in 3 months.

For a good rank, I give credits to hard work, dedication, and discipline. I owe my success to GOD for keeping me healthy during preparation and my FAMILY, TEACHERS, and FRIENDS for giving me moral support. These people encouraged me to keep going.

Preparation Methodology

A. Study Schedule
As I started in the month of December I devoted 10-12 hours daily. I used to bunk semester classes during Gate preparation.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?) :
I prepared subjects according to the schedule of test series. I took weak topic parallel with strong one and try to give tests on that. Then took another topic revising previous topics.

Books and e-sources

You can buy standard books, topper handwritten notes and handbook on Instrumentation. Follow NPTEL lectures and Learn Gate Free videos. Any topic you are not getting search it online and you will definitely get something useful.

Aptitude Section:
Maths and Aptitude in GATE are quite easy and scoring. I relied on previous year Gate questions and online test series for aptitude. If you are not confident then I will suggest you two books available from made easy publications. One is maths previous year solved questions and another verbal and numerical ability. This is sufficient and need not spend more time on this.

Self-study or Coaching

I joined test series from the coaching institutes and it helped me a lot. I think there are no cons in joining Institute test series. They are providing a set of good questions with time statistics and provide AIR in the result at very fewer fees. I don’t know about class room courses.

Mock tests

Yes, I joined online test series provided by Made Easy, ACE and Gate forum institutes. I took over 150 tests. Test series are necessary for every exam. They build up your confidence. The test provides a lot of questions to solve from different subjects which helped me to clear my concepts. The best thing about test series is that it will teach you time management which is most important thing for Gate exam. It really helped me to increase my speed and accuracy. After giving around 20 to 25 tests my silly mistakes were also reduced. Apart from all of this, the test series also provides All India Rank among all the aspirants providing a competitive environment and tells you in which place you stand in the crowd. It totally depends on you which test series you want to join. Every coaching test series is good in some aspects and bad at some things. Try to join 2 to 3 test series.

Examination day

I went through the entire paper quickly and answer those questions first which I was aware of. Gate exam pattern is having 1 and 2 mark questions. When giving test series I made a strategy to first solve 2 mark questions devoting 90 minutes to it then I moved to solve 1 mark questions. This was my strategy for technical section. For Aptitude section, I attempted it at the last. It is very easy and one need not spend a lot of time on it. After 2.5 hours, I went back on all the questions that I haven’t answered. I keep my scribble pad clean and note down neatly so that I could return to the questions which were lengthy and taking more time. I didn’t take a chance on answering questions that I don’t know. Do not answer questions just for the sake of answering. This way anyone will lose marks and that is a big loss.


First of all, pray to GOD that you get a good panel. If you are lucky they will ask you simple questions. Otherwise, you can cover the below-mentioned points.

For PSUs, if you have good rank then don’t take your selection as granted as interview matters a lot. Most of the time top rankers didn’t make it in the interview.

  • A short intro about that PSU.
  • About Instruments used in that PSU.
  • Answer to basic interview questions why you want to join this PSU? Are you ready to work in remote locations?
  • For GD and GT part the topic given are simple and If you have problem in English you can also continue in Hindi.
  • Cover topics from advanced control systems such as PLC SCADA DCS and process control valves (these topics are not in GATE syllabus). Also be ready for the answers related to project and training.

Regarding IITs If you have good rank then you will get direct admission offer and If gets an interview call then revise gate topics related to the specialization you are applying. If you perform well in GATE then you will also perform better in interview.

Future Plans

I will go for Mtech from IIT Bombay.

Advice to fellow students

Don’t fear this exam just because the paper is set by the IITs; this exam is not as tough as IIT JEE (I have also given JEE ADVANCED 2013). Focus on clarity of concepts and avoid selective studying. Practice questions simultaneously while preparation. Use online resources wisely for preparation. The revision will be very helpful since you have to cover almost 9 subjects. I found group study to be the most efficient way for this exam preparation. Lastly, do the best you can and leave the rest to God. All the best for Gate 2018.

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