GATE 2017 Topper – Divyanshu Jha Interview : AIR 08 – Mechanical Engineering

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As GATE 2017 result is out and students who qualified these exams but not get good rank by any reason and the students who are preparing first time for the above exams wants to know how should we prepare so that we may also get good rank in GATE IES and PSUs exam.

Today we are with Divyanshu Jha who secure AIR 08 in GATE 2017 in mechanical engineering branch.

Divyanshu Jha completed his B.Tech from Delhi Technological University (DTU) in mechanical and automotive engineering in 2016.

Divyanshu first of all congratulation for securing all India rank 08 in GATE 2017.

Kindly tell us about yourself. From where did you done your engineering and from which branch?

I have completed my B.Tech in Mechanical and automotive engineering from Delhi technological university in 2016.

After graduation I joined an industry but was not able to concentrate on my studies so left my job in October 2016 and completely concentrate on GATE 2017.

You are from mechanical and automotive engineering. What was the paper in which you appeared and what was your paper shift and what was you marks and score in GATE 2017 and your Rank in GATE 2017?

My all India rank in gate 2017 is 08, I appeared in mechanical engineering – ME paper on February, 04 2017 in second shift paper. My marks are 92.28/100 and GATE 2017 score is 965.

Kindly tell us what was the reason/motivation for which you appeared in GATE 2017.

GATE gives us the opportunity to join PSUs with handsome salary and balanced life \.  In PSUs we feel like we are giving something to our nation. GATE also gives us opportunity to peruse M.Tech from IISc and IITs.

I will decide my option in terms of my future aspects.

Tell us about the PSUs for which you applied.

I applied for GAIL and NTPC only.

When did you start your preparation? What was your strategy for this exam and how many hours you give daily for this GATE 2017 exam?

When I was in final year I started to prepare for this exam, in college you have to manage time for final year project and academics so I try to give 30hours/week for GATE exam.

After completing my graduation, I took up a job, it was becoming very difficult to concentrate on my studies so I quit my job in October 2016 and fully focused on GATE 2017. After October I try to manage 60 Hours/Week for next 3 months. And now with God grace I am under 10.

Have you take any coaching?

I joined made easy weekend batch, my coaching notes helped in this and allowed me to focus on areas that had high possibility of being asked in the GATE exam.

Share your strategies with you junior who are reading this interview, like what is the ideal time to prepare for this exam and schedule.

As per me students should start focusing from 6th semester. If you are in 2nd year or 3rd year then it is advisable to study as per weekly basis goals, like this much hours I will stud in one week. This strategy will help you to keep balance between your academics and competition exam preparation.

If you are pass out, then make daily goals. As per me 30/40 hours per week daily goals are 30-40 hours per week are suffient for GATE exam preparation for GATE exam.

If student is appearing, then what should be his/her approach during exam?

I first attempted non-technical part as it is very easy and scoring and build confidence, then I go to 2 marks technical questions because they need calm mind and theory weightage is very high in GATE and then I go to 1 marks technical part which is easy.

What was the toughest aspect in your GATE preparation?

Lack of continuity in studies.

Share some valuable points one should know if preparing for GATE exam.

I think level of difficulty is dropped down in the past few years, easy papers with high cutoffs are coming. To handle this one should cover as much syllabus as he could, don’t leave any subject completely.

GATE require high level accuracy, only covering whole syllabus is not enough you have to practice daily.

With   constant practice self-analysis of you performance is important, work on your weak areas.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I love to read shaayri and to play table tennis to take brake from my studies.

Any advice for future aspirants?

Just keep working hard. Success is never denied to those who work hard. Don’t take pressure. Enjoy this phase of life as much as possible in a balanced way.

How is our website and do you follow our website? is a good platform for students who are preparing for GATE-IES-PSUs exam. This website motivate us time to time and your topper interviews help us to know how toppers make strategy.

I love to read every post of this website. It is good for self studying students who need proper guidance.

Share the list of books for Mechanical Engineering.

Reference Books for GATE

S.No Books Authors
1 Thermodynamics P.K Nag
2 Heat Transfer Made Easy Class Notes
3 Production S K Mondal Notes
4 Material Science Made Easy Class Notes
5 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Modi & Seth
6 Machine Design VB Bhandari
7 Strength of Material Sadhu Singh
8 Refrigeration Made Easy Class Notes
9 IC engine Mathur Sharma
10 Theory of Machine SS Ratan

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